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      The underground water system of Long Island has more than enough water for present water demands. However, saving water will ensure that our future generations will always have a safe and abundant water supply.
        In 2002, the Garden City Park Water District continued to implement a water conservation program in order to minimize any unnecessary water use. However, the pumpage for 2002 was approximately 9.7 percent higher than in 2001. This increase can most likely be attributed to the dry hot summer weather in 2002.

Residents of the District can also implement their own water conservation measures such as retrofitting plumbing fixtures with flow restrictors, repairing leaks in the home, installing water conservations fixtures/appliances and maintaining a daily awareness of water conservations in their personal habits. In addition, consumers should be aware that Nassau County Sprinkler Regulations are still in effect. Besides protecting our precious underground water supply, water conservation will produce a cost savings to the consumer in terms of both water and energy bills (hot water).


Garden City Park
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