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ALERT: Water Main Flushing

The Garden City Park Water District has implemented a hydrant flushing program and plans to flush hydrants throughout the district over the next few weeks during the hours of 10pm and 12am.

Under this flushing program, fire hydrants are opened in order to remove sediment that may have collected within our water mains to ensure that we provide the residents of our district with the highest quality water. This program also allows us to test that our fire hydrants function properly and provide sufficient fire protection.

Hydrant flushing in your area may be responsible for temporary lower water pressure, discolored water and/or water collecting in the street where maintenance is being performed. Rusty or discolored water is a normal result of the flushing process and is not harmful to your health. If you experience discolored water it should only last for the day on which work is conducted. We recommend running the cold water from a faucet at the closest point to where your water service enters your home, discolored/rusty water typically clears within an hour.