It’s important for residents to know that Garden City Park Water and Fire District services all 700 hydrants within our District. Keeping them up to code is a task that we take seriously, especially when our firefighters need them to perform at optimal efficiency.

Our Yearly Hydrant Program Includes:

  • Painting hydrants to protect their metal fabrication and allow firefighters to readily locate them
  • Greasing and/or oiling all necessary parts
  • Hydrants are flushed and flow is confirmed
  • Testing drain function to make sure hydrants drain properly
  • Recording line pressure for each hydrant
  • Checking to ensure the hydrant isolation valve is functioning properly
  • Additional standard maintenance as suggested by the hydrant manufacturer

Residents can assist with this ongoing project by making sure their landscape improvements do not block access to or interfere with the operation of fire hydrants. Landscaping should not block the three caps on the side of the hydrant, which in an emergency are removed to connect fire hoses. Also, the top of the hydrant should be free of landscaping so the hydrant can be turned on without interference.

In winter, we also remind all residents who have fire hydrants in front of their homes to kindly remove all snow around the hydrant to allow access during an emergency.