Lead Service Line Information

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made significant improvements to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) that would reduce lead in the nation’s drinking water. One of the most significant improvements to the current rule addresses the requirement for lead water service lines to be replaced. The Garden City Park Water District welcomes this proposal and has undertaken a Lead Service Line Identification Program to comply with this rule.

A major EPA requirement of the Lead Replacement Program is to identify consumer water service lines possibly made of lead or galvanized steel. A water service line is the piping that provides your home/facility with potable water from our water mains located in the street. While we anticipate that most of the districts service lines are made of copper, there is a possibility that there may be some made of lead or galvanized steel.

The District would like to engage residents help in identifying lead and galvanized service lines. The New York State Department of Health has compiled a factsheet and video that details how homeowners can determine if they have a lead service line at their home. Please perform a scratch test as demonstrated in this video on your water service at the closest point where it enters your home as well as a spot after your water meter and submit these photos below. Please make sure these photos are as clear as possible for us to be able to accept them.

If you can show, via a plumber’s inspection report or through self testing that the service line going into your home is made of lead or galvanized steel, please complete this form and a representative will call you back to discuss further.

If you are unsure what type of service line material you have, one of our field technicians can easily perform an inspection for you. Please call our main office at (516) 746-3194 to schedule an inspection.

The Garden City Park Water District thanks you for your cooperation in this process and looks forward to hearing from you.

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