It all starts with the facts of water production on Long Island. The water that you use day in and day out for every purpose originates far below our surface and is drawn from the Magothy Aquifer.

Pictured Left to Right: Garden City Park Water District Water
Commissioners Chris Engel, Kenneth
Borchers and Peter Chimenti.

The Water Commissioners that you elect to manage the District are your neighbors, and they live right here in the community they serve. It’s the responsibility of the Commissioners to be fiscally sound and protect local taxpayers. Annual voting for Water Commissioners ensure that your investment is in safe hands with local control.

Your water rate is less than two percent of your Nassau County residential taxes. The monies collected by Garden City Park Water District are used for water production, operations and maintenance by this District and this District alone. Funds are not redirected for some other non-water-related project. What comes in, stays in!

The reality is that through local control, each community has responsibly financed and regulated its own water supply for many years. The fact is, progress and improvement have come promptly and appropriately without the bureaucratic disadvantages associated with massive political governing bodies. Garden City Park Water District operates 24/7/365 with a staff of 12 serving 18,000 people.

To that end, GCPWD Water Commissioners provide an indispensable service of delivering high quality, potable water to households and businesses within the District. It takes dedication and hard work, and we will continue to do everything possible to guarantee the highest quality water at the lowest possible cost.