When potable drinking water is involved, facing potential situations before they happen is the smartest and most prudent course. That’s why your Garden City Park Water District is addressing concerns about emerging contaminants now by taking proactive measures.

“We’re proceeding with Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) reactors in Wells 6 and 9,” Water Commissioner Chris Engel stated. “Preventive treatment puts us ahead of the curve. Things may look a bit messy during construction, yet this is our tax payer dollars at work. Pilot studies indicated introducing Advance Oxidation is the best avenue to assuring present and future water quality.”

Construction of the AOP reactors at Well 9 began in fall 2019, and Well 6 began in February 2020. Construction is slated to continue throughout this summer.

What is AOP?

Technically speaking, oxidation is a reaction that involves the moving of electrons in a substance. Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is a highly regarded solution that removes organic and inorganic materials from drinking water. The primary treatment mechanism involves the reaction of UV light with a strong oxidizing agent like hydrogen peroxide or chlorine to generate highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. The final processing goes through a Granular Activated Carbon filter to remove the contaminants from the water.