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Safeguarding Our Water… Today and Tomorrow

The Garden City Park Water District (GCPWD) is the vanguard of our community’s water utility, and as our community grows, safeguarding our water supply requires a tremendous amount of vigilance and foresight. In 2020, our District and the Town of North Hempstead came to a resolution on a $30 million bond to accommodate the enhancements necessary to achieve our mission as identified in the GCPWD capital improvement plan. “Our capital improvement program is complex, multifaceted and heavily focused on addressing emerging contaminants. We have worked tirelessly with our team of engineers, superintendent, and support vendors to carefully manage and implement a phased approach ensuring the best service with the least amount of burden on our community,” remarked Water Commissioner Peter Chimenti. “It includes new water treatment technology, repairs and upgrades to aging facilities, as well as rehabilitating and refurbishing wells and tanks.”

Ahead of the Curve: New Water Treatment Technology

New water treatment technology for emerging contaminants is a large part of the program and will accommodate the New York State and Department of Health mandate, which recently granted a 2-year deferral to water suppliers with treatment process plans in place. GCPWD is pleased to inform our consumers we are ahead of the game and construction is already underway supplementing the processes we currently have in place. We qualified for the deferral, yet never had to rely on it. “We’re proud to say we’ve constructed some of the most advanced water treatment systems in the country, with the ability to carry our vision into the future,” noted Water Commissioner Kenneth Borchers.